CARBP is an online software for the design of DNA CAssettes incorporating sites for RNA-binding proteins (RBPs). It was developed in collaboration with the Orenstein group from Ben Gurion University, and the Yakhini group from IDC Herzeliya.
Related publication:
“Overcoming the design, build, test (DBT) bottleneck for synthesis of nonrepetitive protein-RNA binding cassettes for RNA applications”, Noa Katz, Eitamar Tripto, Naor Granik, Sarah Goldberg, Orna Atar, Zohar Yakhini, Yaron Orenstein, and Roee Amit. Nature Communications 12-1576 (2021).


SOLQC is a quality control (QC) tool for synthetic oligo libraries (SOL). It was developed by the Yakhini group, with whom we collaborate on a regular basis.
Related publication:
“SOLQC : Synthetic Oligo Library Quality Control Tool”, Omer Sabary, Yoav Orlev, Roy Shafir, Leon Anavy, Eitan Yaakobi, and Zohar Yakhini. Bioinformatics (2020).