MRG-GRammar proves a new strategy for deciphering the rules of gene regulation. We combine oligo library technologies and high-throughput analysis to generate large biological datasets that systematically explore relevant subsets of regulatory landscapes. This project was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 664918.  MRG-Grammar, together with resident artist Anna Dumitriu, were selected as a Future Emerging Art and Technology (FEAT) team.

Relevant publications:

A Synthetic Oligo Library and Sequencing Approach Reveals an Insulation Mechanism Encoded within Bacterial σ54 Promoters
Levy, Lior, Leon Anavy, Oz Solomon, Roni Cohen, Michal Brunwasser-Meirom, Shilo Ohayon, Orna Atar, Sarah Goldberg, Zohar Yakhini, and Roee Amit. Cell Reports (2017).

Make Do and Mend: Exploring Gene Regulation and CRISPR through a FEAT (Future Emerging Art and Technology)
Anna Dumitriu (Residency with the MRG-Grammar Project) and Sarah Goldberg. Leonardo (2019).